Reliable, prolific and damn nice for your salads…the welsh onion has it all

I was dawdling around the supermarket the other day, and whilst browsing the aisles I stumbled across the fruit and vegetable section and staring me in the face were a rather pathetic bunch of spring onions! Why someone would want to pay good money (£1 usually) for some of these is beyond my comprehension really, not when you can grow your own at home and eat them year in year out for free! Yes! I am cheap and I am proud! A pound saved in the supermarket is a pound saved in the bank!

A common herbaceous allium (allium fistulosum for the eager latinist out there) wrongly thought to be from Wales, it originates from Asia. These ‘must have’s’ bunch up to form a clump which will grow year in year out (best to move every few years though to prevent onion related diseases)!

You can grow welsh onions from seed (in spring), or buy plants ready for planting up to harvest that very season. They typically grow to be approximately 50 cm in height and are not the fussiest of plants to grow, being able to thrive in full sun to light shade. There are many many differing varieties, but two distinct types of welsh onion exist. One is multi stemmed, but its stems are thinner, the other single stemmed but with great, fat leaves and stems.

The leaves and stems can be harvested all year long, whereas the bulbs can be dug up and cropped in late summer/autumn time.

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