Hail the Turkish Rocket (bunias orientalis)

The Turkish Rocket is indeed a member of the brassica family, a plant that once planted is definitely there to remain…but if you enjoy eating cabbagey mustard greens then I dare say that won’t be an issue. What with its tasty clumps of edible leaves (eaten raw or cooked) and seemingly everlasting flowers (looking much like its sister, broccoli or broccoli raab), this rather boisterous rogue is a must in all perennial gardens. Tragically, and very unfairly (in my humble opinion) it is also known globally as ‘warty cabbage’.

Seemingly unfussy, easy to grow, low maintenance and likes to give and give, it can live in full sun to partial shade in moist, well drained soils. With its long tap root it mines the soil for minerals, much in the same way as comfrey, providing you with an abundance of essential nutrients.

It’s simply a must have perennial vegetable


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