A little introduction…

I think that most gardens have a little area set aside for the odd fruit tree or bush, maybe even the odd annual here and there, but perennial vegetables seem to have been relegated to the insignificant for many years. Why is that, I inquire? Well, it baffles me as ever since I started my journey on growing my own food and trying to live a better, and more self sustaining lifestyle I have tried to accumulate as many low maintenance crops as I could. What possibly could be more rewarding than growing your own food, for free and with little to no effort? I ask you!

So starts this blog, a journey into my digital garden if you will, where I will be sharing, with you (my readers and subscribers) all the experience, hints, tips and a plethora of information about the different kinds of perennial vegetables you can grow here in the United Kingdom. I will also provide a range of recipes for using your perennial vegetables. You see, this is important to me, as is encouraging others to start growing perennial vegetables. This is something that we all ought to engage in. After all, they’re practically free (once you acquire the initial plant/seed).


5 thoughts on “A little introduction…”

  1. I look forward to learning from you. While our climate may be a little hotter and drier than what you experience I look forward to trying some of your suggestions. One of my goals is to have fruit trees, bushes, and the bones of the garden done before I retire in 6 years.


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